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The A Group was engaged a number of years ago to create a new website for our newly relaunched organization. They did a great job and we still get complements to this day. Mind you the design is now 4+ years old and still is a modern feeling. The team is always responsive to our requests although we have been through a few different account reps.

Their proprietary platform, TAG-Tools, makes it easy to manage content for any of our staff with a minimum of training. For advanced technical needs, the TAG-Tools platform is a bit limiting. Things like background videos must be updated by their team, versus updating ourselves. Any use of their team’s resources will be following by a $125/hour invoice. They are great about only billing in 15-minute increments.

Overall they have been great however we will move to another company with a less proprietary toolset.

... Tom Lucas

Five stars! Joshua is amazing. StratOp process has been going well here in East Texas with monthly interactions with Joshua. He has helped us through strategic planning process, expansion discussions and internal “Pace & Plate” conversations.

Joshua is an enneagram 8 with a quality heart and is motivated to bring the best out of your organization.