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I cannot say enough about the CauseLabs team and their CEO Sheryle Gillihan. Over the course of almost a decade, CauseLabs has been engaged with a number of web/app development projects spanning multiple non-profits. In one case, they developed a oral translation web application allowing for uploading of recorded audio translations of specific texts, crowd voting on multiple recordings from different people. This jump-started formal translation efforts in a significant way. Keep in mind this was for over 2000 languages.

In another project, they worked to integrate resources from several agencies into an investor/donor facing site sharing stories and correlated project progress regarding translation projects. This was done in an accurate, timely, visually appealing manner. This was not just a website, but an online application including online giving.

The team enjoys what they do and it shows. Whether leading strategy sessions, user story workshops, development sprints or presentations, this is a top-notch group and I continue to look for opportunities to leverage their strong skillsets. Highly recommended.

... Tom Lucas - Principal

Holy Cow! Joshua Yarbrough is fantastic. Our organization has been using his services for the past year, starting with the StratOp process and working through strategies, planning tools and more.

... Tom Lucas - Principal

Juliana is not a “certified” Salesforce admin or such, however, she has extensive experience in the configuration and use with the NPSP. Sometimes communication is not responded to in a timely manner but the results of her work are significantly beneficial. Her rates are good. She knows non-profits.